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Looking For Witnesses: Local Journalist Investigating Halloween Incident On Court Street Involving the 76th Precinct And A Group Of Teenagers From Red Hook

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Photo credit: Sara Pekow

Eric Umansky, a deputy managing editor of ProPublica who lives in the neighborhood, is reaching out to the Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens community for information related to an incident on Halloween night that involved a group of teens from Red Hook. The teens were followed and then swarmed by uniformed and undercover cops, taken to the 76th Precinct in handcuffs, before being released without charges. 

Umanksy wrote to us:
At around 8:20pm on Halloween night, an unmarked police car going the wrong way up Court St. hit a teenage boy who was running.
The accident happened on Court and Kane St., next to Watty and Meg. My wife saw it and took the attached photo.

I’m a journalist in the neighborhood and looking to hear from anyone else who saw it too. The police deny the kid was hit.
I can be reached at 917-687-8406 or eric.umansky@propublica.org. I’m just looking to establish the facts as clearly as possible. I’m happy to not use names

The incident was witnessed by quite a few people. Apparently, the officers of the 76th Precinct were investigating the theft of a cell phone from another teenager in Carroll Park earlier in the evening.
There have been a few such robberies in the park since the beginning of the year that we know of, including this one in May.  This, in no way seems to justify the over-the-top response from the 76th Precinct on Halloween night.
More on the incident here and here.
If you witnessed the incident, please reach out to Eric.

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