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Anthony Morace, an up and coming singer/songwriter, debuts new album at an unlikely location


Anthony Morace, 21, is a singer/songwriter from Huntington, New York. On October 18th, he debuted his third full feature length album Pool of Dreams, a collection of nine songs that tackle loss, loneliness, love, and pursuing one’s dreams in the face of adversity. Pool of Dreams does not just feature Morace’s warming acoustic guitar and nostalgic vocals. There are a plethora of instruments on this record including electric guitar, bass, drums, and even a banjo lick here and there. Recently, Morace was offered the opportunity to play the album live in its entirety by Jackie Guma, a local music promoter. To match the authenticity of the recorded songs, Morace enlisted the help of Austin Hennings, 21, Jasmine Rodriguez, 17, and Cody Phillips, 19, to play electric guitar, electric bass, and drums respectively.

10 Nov-Freeport,Ny- Jasmine Rodriguez, Austin Hennings, Anthony Morace, and Cody Phillips rehearse just hours before their performance in Cody Phillip’s garage.

10 Nov-Port Jefferson, Ny- This is the hallway that leads into the area that Anthony Morace and his band will perform in. Whomever sits on the chair behind the small table will charge ten dollars to audience members before they enter.

10 Nov-Port Jefferson, Ny- inside of “The Basement.” This is moments after Morace and his band set up their equipment. Located at 1075 NY-112, The Basement is a quaint, little venue beneath a law firm. Local musicians have decorated the tiny space with drawings and paintings either created by the musicians themselves, or by their friends.

10 Nov-Port Jefferson,Ny- Inside of The Basement. Amanda Marriott, Henning’s girlfriend, checks her phone as her boyfriend chats with Morace about the setlist. They discuss in which order the songs they will play will flow best. In the background, Rodriguez and Phillips talk about their plans after the show. Having been dating for almost two years, Rodriguez and Phillips already know they’re going to be buying Wendy’s later on, as is tradition after every show they play together.

Nov 10- Port Jefferson, Ny, The Basement. Singer/Songwriter Frankie Matos, 26, opens up for Tony Morace and his band. Matos preforms songs from his debut EP Unglorious. His song Growing up Slowly is a real hit with the crowd.

10 Nov- Port Jefferson, Ny- Anthony Morace and his band perform Pool of Dreams. At 10pm, Morace and his band play to a crowd of music fans mostly unknown to the group. The crowd respectfully watches Morace’s performance of Lose Yourself in Me, the seventh song on the setlist.

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