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Street-Walker – Anthony Michael Perri


It was this way no way wait now I’m heading west I seen the street before I remember this corner of the store that’s where we got a pack of cigarettes. I pull my money out in bundles and let it fall all over the place and hand a couple bills to the guy hope it’s the right amount. A lot of average looking drunk faces in open bars represent the median of humanity. I don’t know where I am but I think I’ve ended up in the greatest of them all got to get out of here. I learned of us that don’t stop in the slow traffic I need to keep pounding pavement I need to keep moving forward and to go-go-go Street-Walker.

Then I am finally on Waverley Place thank God I finally feel like I know where I am even though I don’t know where I am where am I? Take it slow and slow it down It’s all in your head just keep pounding the street just keep down in the sidewalk. At the corner when the latest weather like the rest of us what he was out or toes up they both do something different. Best when you let the city get to you and get into the sweat wipe it off with your hand on your face bring your hand to your face don’t be afraid to touch with the city really get into and sequence of the boys and then wipe it off with your hands. That’s funny because the situations of the decisions that I was stressing out about earlier I forgot to put the heater so liberating together I feel bad for the lady I feel bad I feel like I have to put a roll on for her I’ve been kind of like a dumb klutz walking around not knowing where I’m going and she doesn’t feel threatened I’m not even nothing to do with you baby. This island is fucking massive Unlike in other cities where the lights are to increase as you go towards the hub towards the center here you’ll leave a part of the lights and then enter another pocket and then see another package coming up ahead even brighter and then all of a sudden be eclipsed and I can ask the pub in Times Square so beware Some of the lights can get to be a bit too overbearing some of the nicest some of the laughs and some of that attitude. Glamour Boy.
I’m compelled to do things that have no apparent meaning Food that I won’t eat when I’m not hungry Enjoying myself immensely Somehow being set apart on an island makes this all OK 5 6 7 8 hours a day pounding sidewalk pounding so I walk funny my way I really couldn’t be better you live and you eat and you take exactly what you like but you don’t like just pick and choose but it’s pure selection and of a high-quality like talk to your peer selection B-skit it just can’t be beat you got me we want to say It can’t be beat. The towers from the other cities are distant my glamorous character how far they actually are but I’m trying to use familiar settings as waypoints the tall building that’s top top fades into the world to the mist and I know that’s up like I need another file that’s my raven of the office of restaurants off or figure it out I said it really set up a set of repetitions city a city to really set up a set of repetitions.

City of cool drinks you buy a drink you walk around the town the payment you drink you drink and we were out now going to buy Benadryl every place has got drinks unifying of these drinks have to start to go to and they’ve got a good selection of drinks. The only constant is the sweat beaming off my brow. When does know I hope there’s no GPS on the phone no Internet service at all can’t text can’t call can’t nothing came and asked for directions from the locals nothing left to do but just walk. I think I sweat all my piss before I piss it off OK I’ll say it again I think I’ll sweat out all my piss before I piss it out it’s the center of capitalism so that makes it all OK. This is what all this is meant for this is what it leads to this is the hub this is the final this is what drives the rest of the world to do what it does is to achieve this what I am witnessing here right now wealth variety selection expenditure just magnitude of grandeur it’s little bit of everything.

I love Avenue of the Americas this is like a real this is like the waypoint for me this is where what I find myself on the street I know exactly where to go I should stop at now what a beautiful what a lovely she would a living there I fully the street don’t doubt me. Keep going just keep going don’t stop keep going legs keep working the body is a machine doesn’t give up I won’t let it. I see the subway but the subway is like suicide first off I don’t know how to operate it my legs on my own I walk without even thinking in the subway I’m too much in the hands and the feet of something else so there’s that also it’s premature deciding for myself but I want to stand when I don’t I don’t I’m not ready for it.

There is smoke literally coming out of tubes from the underground from the earth is a boiling live in Helena the fuck that’s how much heat the machine is producing it needs ventilation shafts. It’s a quarter after 11 right now I bet if I continue straight this way it’ll be an hour this way if I just keep going straight I just keep walking. I’m walking here! Italians. Alora! I think I still got to get to the other side of the Empire State. I almost wish I had some business to conduct here. I bet my body will be nice and hard and strong have to walk like this. The hardest thing really at this point comes finding a place to take a piss everything is closed the Starbucks delete I said even Starbucks is closed.

I can now go for a coffee. I start to make decisions that are not converse with one another at one light I stop I wait for it to turn to the walking man other lights a dash of the cars when I see an opening. I really want to go to Chick-fil-A really fuck with the whole Christian angle by everyone in there. I walk in to McDonald’s ask if I had coffee she asked me how I like I say black just give me a good look and then the second the second girl she she’s like who’s getting a small black coffee select black and I get in that she sold so he turns around exported like I could just go over the transfer over to refill the back at me again with the same. But I actually love most about the city has that been really have supermarkets that have a lot of kind of kind a like health food store convenience markets or they do sell some groceries but not really like produce a pay that and in the middle of each of these there’s a hot table section and they’ve got a good holiday food need some veggies salad soup pasta rice whatever you want and after a certain time it’s half off so just go on to cop a nice big bucket of food at like 10 PM like 2 pounds. Make myself strong eat meat and veggies and go for lots of walks in the restaurant big and strong walking all day walking walking and going home and eating a nice drumstick with some rapini and broccoli on the side I’m gonna get big and strong.

I’ve finally veered off Sixth Ave. of the Americas feel bad feel bad to leave my my one safe Road in this big White city. Call got to give it up for fifth to nice tree has a nice home feeling to it here the bums the homeless are very non-imposing they’re almost just another one of you and me but just living on the streets you’re not imposing I see couples as you like it with us at mom and dad’s people just look like they just want to take a nap on the side of the street. Even the wall seems lost there’s nothing for it but to just keep walking just walk just keep walking I’ll pass by it eventually. I’ve got my chocolate in my purse I’m not dying. It’s just more down more down more down more down more down more down more down. I don’t recognize any of that shit! Have faith in the road just keep boy just keep walking to pass eventually. A bum asked me for change and I asked for directions. Just keep going just keep pounding sidewalk. A spectre comes towards me his hood on low and then he caught his legacy go as he passes. I wonder if it’s really true that the city can fall off into the ocean. Rats rats you have seen seven I said some real New York rats I said I’ve seen I’ve seen some real New York rats rats.

I am a living breathing sweating Street-Walker. Street-Walkers a survivor. Street-Walker lives in the world and pounds the streets three waters almost home if you want to recognize this area Forsyth that means we’re real close. I can guarantee it

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