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The world’s biggest Godzilla attraction is coming to Japan


As a consistently creative country, Japan boasts countless weird and wonderful attractions that are sure to excite visitors from any country. But now, a theme park on Awaji Island in Hyōgo Prefecture is working on something extra special; a gargantuan 20-metre-tall Godzilla that will be true to the size in which the notorious reptile has been portrayed in movies

Godzilla attraction Japan.jpg
According to the theme park, it will be the biggest Godzilla attraction in the world © Nijigen no Mori

Due to be unveiled in summer 2020, the Godzilla Interception Operation will be at the Nijigen no Mori theme park, whose name translates to “two-dimensional forest”. According to the park, this will make them the first place in the world to have a permanent full-size recreation of the infamous King of Monsters, with the project having been carefully planned for over two years.

The experience will also include a number of “missions” that guests can take part in on the site, including a zip line and a shooting game. The island will also sell themed presents and souvenirs, with the attraction aiming to add to the revitalisation of Awaji Island.

The company has been planning the attraction for two years © Nijigen no Mori

As reported by CNN, a blog post on the company’s website states, “the legendary figure of Godzilla was first confirmed at the beginning of the Meiji era when a typhoon hit Awaji Island. Godzilla, who appeared with the high waves, roamed the island, causing tremendous damage.”

Nijigen no Mori currently houses a number of interactive anime and manga-inspired experiences, with attractions operating both in the day and at night-time. One of the more popular recent reveals at the park is the Naruto and Boruto Shinobi-Zato attraction, while it also features an exhibit dedicated to Shin Chan, and a glamping area where guests can stay overnight.

More information on Godzilla Interception Operation is available at the official Nijigen no Mori theme park website.

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