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NYPD Arrests Woman Who Allegedly Made ~24,000 Fake 911 Calls SINCE JUNE


Police have arrested a Bronx woman after determining that she allegedly made over 24,200 fake 911 calls — since June. According to the NY Daily News, Yogita Persaud was averaging 100 calls per day before the cops showed up at her door on Friday. More than 24,200 calls! 100 calls every day! When do you even sleep when you are dialing at that rate??

Persaud reportedly landed on the NYPD‘s radar when officers noticed a pattern in the weekly log of frequent emergency callers: One number in particular reliably topped the list, traced to a burner phone police say they subsequently found in her residence. Because she allegedly called so often, dispatchers became familiar with the drill.

“The number kept coming up for having high call volumes, so much so that most of the 911 call takers on the floor would recognize the number when it was made,” Lt. John D’Amico, an NYPD Communications officer, told the Daily News. “They all knew the call coming in was going to be fake, but they had to be professional and take the call.”

Sometimes, police allege, Persaud would claim she’d seen a fire — as was the case when she allegedly called on Friday — or a “police emergency”; sometimes, she’d allegedly claim she was witnessing a robbery. “Sometimes,” D’Amico said, “she would just curse at the dispatcher who was speaking to her.” But for every incident fraudulently reported, police and the FDNY nonetheless had to respond, which eats up resources and “takes away much needed assistance to someone having a heart attack,” D’Amico noted.

For her part, Persaud reportedly believes that the “corrupt” NYPD has engineered a vast conspiracy against her, targeting her with a nine-year stalking campaign. She has been charged with making a false report (about the nonexistent fire she allegedly said she saw blazing in the basement across the street from her home on Friday), making a false emergency report, obstructing governmental administration, and aggravated harassment. This was one of 200 calls she allegedly made that day alone, a number I truly cannot fathom. That is so many calls to make in one day and hell, to make in five months! Please humor me while I attempt a math: Assuming that every call lasts about two minutes, we can estimate that this woman allegedly spent about 48,400 minutes riling up 911 dispatchers during her tenure as NYC‘s most prodigious crank caller. We also know there are 1,440 minutes in a day, meaning — if my math is correct and there’s absolutely no guarantee that it is — the culprit spent like 34 days on the phone, i.e., over one month of pure unadulterated telephone time??? Stunning, and all the more so when you consider that she was allegedly on the phone with 911 when police showed up at her door. Just imagine what you could achieve if you applied that kind of commitment to, ah, literally anything in your life. Sky’s the limit!!

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