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New plan for livery cab drivers to demand fares upfront


NEW YORK — The New York City taxi federation unveiled a plan that would change the way you pay for your ride.

The New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers has suggested that drivers collect their fare upfront before the ride begins.

It’s called Operation Pay and Ride, and it’s meant to stop fare evaders who flee the cab without paying.

The NYSFTD estimates between 20 and 30% of all livery rides goes unpaid.

The initiative also hopes to help avoid verbal or physical altercations between drivers and riders.

Recently, a livery cab driver turned himself in for allegedly stabbing a passenger over an unpaid fare in the Bronx.

Sandy de Jesus Rodriguez faces charges of menacing, assault and criminal possession of a weapon over the Nov. 18 incident. He denies that he stabbed anyone.

The incident underscores the violence that has repeatedly broken out between drivers and riders — and drivers are often the victims.

The taxi federation is expected to officially announce the bill at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

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