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World Pie Pizzeria Replaced by Jimbo’s Hamburger And Pizza Palace On Court Street


When I first moved to Carroll Gardens in the mid 1980’s, there were quite a few family-owned pizzerias in the neighborhood. One of them was Mola’s at 404 Court Street, run by what appeared to be two brothers who produced a decent slice at a reasonable price. It was no frills, but offered a perfect spot for a quick bite.
About 13 years ago, the family must have sold their pizzeria to another entity, which named their business World Pie Pizza.  I must admit that my family stopped going there at about that time, preferring to eat or order from Giardini‘s one block away on Smith Street.
It now appears that World Pie has closed as well. It is being replaced by “the Famous Jimbo’s Hamburger And Pizza Palace, which seems to be a mini chainlet with several locations around the city.
If the Carroll Gardens location will be similar to the other Jimbos in the City, it will be a no-frills diner, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu will offer standard diner fair like hamburgers, sandwiches and  in this location’s case…pizza.

What do you think? Is this a good addition to Court Street? Di you miss World Pie or are you excited for a diner/hamburger joint?
Which is your favorite Carroll Gardens slice?

The former World Pie at 404 Court Street

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