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The Real Way to Become a Model – Latitude Talent Studios


Modeling in New York — Here’s the way to get started

Thinking of becoming a model? There are so many ways to get started, many of which do not involve the help of a traditional modeling agency. You see, back in the early days of modeling, like the 1980’s, modeling was a huge, booming business. Typically, male and female models were paid tens of thousands of dollars for casting campaigning.

In the 1980’s, the decade of the super model, many fresh faced models were discovered the old fashion way, by getting see by an agency or modeling scout. Malls and movie cinemas were the top discovery location for teenage models. Now aways, in 2020 and beyond, malls are hardly business and modeling agencies have changed their approach to find new faced models.

Modeling agencies and scouts really do use social media to find talent. Instagram is very popular to discover new models however, it is very important to do your homework when finding an agency on Instagram. There are many posts from wannabe agencies or those posing to work on behalf of the agencies seeking to get photographs from young talent.

If you get discovered on Instagram from a scout claiming to be from an agency, call the agency first to make sure they really work there.

Yes, you need professional photographs to not only become a model, but to be taken seriously. Many times, models, especially new model, get scared or think they shouldn’t invest in their portfolio. Not only is this wrong, it can really be detrimental to the start of your modeling career to not use professional photographs to use for submissions to agencies or casting websites. You should never spend thousands of dollars on photographs at one time, and avoid those that promise the world. Simple photographs that should the real you are the best way to get exposure.

Its really hard to go online and try to find articles on how to become a model, or how to land a modeling agency, especially in a major market like New York City. Their are outlets out there, like talent support companies including Latitude Talent Studios, which is a great outlet for new models and actors.

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