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Powerful Odor Making Life Miserable For Mother, Son In Brooklyn NYCHA Building – CBS New York


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Brooklyn mother is fed up with a foul stench that’s lingering in her apartment.

She said she has made numerous complaints to the New York City Housing Authority, but not enough has been done, CBSN New York’s Dave Carlin reported Wednesday.

Tiffany Baptiste is a 41-year-old single mom living in conditions she said are unfit for humans. Her chief complaint has nothing to do with the appearance of her apartment in Brownsville’s Howard Houses.

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It’s the smell, an overpowering stench that Carlin noticed and other neighbors on the floor said they struggle with.

The Howard Houses in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. (Photo: CBSN New York)

Batiste said the toughest part is she’s made repeated complaints to NYCHA, but hasn’t received enough action.

“They fixed in here before. They fixed and patched and scraped and fixed things before and the odor is still prevalent and that’s why my son has been sleeping in the living room for the past eight to 10 months,” Baptiste said.

“I have headaches and sometimes I don’t even feel like waking up and getting out of bed. And it like if my throat is being scratched,” Curtis Baptiste added.

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Tiffany Baptiste tried to put into words just how powerful the odor is.

“The smell from the neighbor across the hall comes in and smells like 1,000 cats and cat litter and poop, and then we have the smell in the back in the bedrooms and then you have the smell coming out the drain, of sewage,” she said. “Four different things.”

Carlin reached out to NYCHA and was told it is on the case and that it is a mystery where the smell is coming from. Sources said the agency doesn’t believe it is coming from sewage, and it is also ruling out a dead animal in a wall or something in the boiler room invading this first-floor apartment.

It could be a problem with a neighboring tenant who has problems with self care and cleanliness, but the agency doesn’t know for sure, Carlin reported.

One likely solution is moving Baptiste and her son to a different apartment and perhaps also moving one or more of the neighbors as well, which would give NYCHA time to pinpoint the problem and do a deep clean.

Baptiste told Carlin the Department of Health took some samples, and on Wednesday Carlin was in the process of confirming what was done and the results of those tests.

As CBSN New York works to help this anxious mom, who said no one should have to live like this.

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