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Say Hello To Mr. Beet: Smith Street In Boerum Hill Finally Gets A Produce/Food Store


We couldn’t believe our eyes when we walked along Smith Street towards Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill a few days ago. Right on the sidewalk at 193 Court Street between Warren and Baltic Streets, carts filled with fresh vegetables and fruit were displayed for sale in front of what was until recently ‘Festival’, a Thai restaurant.  It was Thai Spice before that and NY Perks going back even further)

It turns out that the retail space has been taken over by Mr. Beet, a well stocked produce store/superette which offers everything from a juice bar to a sushi section.  The prices are comparable to other food stores, but the produce seems a great deal.  Strawberries were $.99 for a regular sized container.  The same size container was available for $2.99 at KY Produce on Court Street.

It is amazing to see a food store open on Smith Street, which has been in sore need of one since Met Food Supermarket closed in 2014. We are sure local residents would agree that this is a great addition to the neighborhood.

Amidst Smith Street’s restaurants, expensive gift shops, banks, nail places and multiplying chain stores, here is finally a store we can all use.

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