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Men freed from prison after wrongful convictions


Four men share a distinct connection.

Sundhe Moses, Derrick Hamilton, Alvena Jeanette and Eliseo DeLeon were all sentenced for murders in Brooklyn, years later all of ther murder convictions were overturned.

The same retired detective worked on all of their Brooklyn cases, Louis Scarcella.

“One of the things were doing with these Detective Scarcella cases is we’re going back and looking at them very carefully,” Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez told PIX11 News.

Moses, Hamilton and Jeanette have been exonerated. DeLeon was only released from prison a week ago, his exoneration could be years away.

District Attorney Gonzalez said his office is “taking a look at whether or not the appropriate thing to do is to appeal the case, retry the case.”

Today Moses, Hamilton, Jeanette and DeLeon all stand free, their murder convictions tossed out, but the scars from their incarceration remains.

“I couldn’t raise my children, my father passed away, my nieces passed away while I was incarcerated,” Alvena explained.

For Hamilton, “there’s so many dark moments that I lived through in prison right that I don’t want to revisit.”

“I’m trying to find some counseling too,” DeLeon explained. “I know I’ve been locked up.”

“I don’t think I’m at an end to say that I’ve been healed, but I’ve done things that make me feel good since I’ve been home,” said Moses.

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