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Suffolk County Market Update Dec. 2019 – Cris & Alysia



The number of residential real estate sales in the most recent 90 day period. (Note: To make this data the most current and most accurate, this is not a fiscal quarter, but the ninety days immediately prior to the report date.)

ACTIVE Listings

The number of active residential listings in the MLS at the time of the report.


Average Days On Market is the average length of time from listing until closing. There is a 50% probability of selling associated with the average DOM, meaning that as many homes sell in under that amount of time as sell in more than that amount.


The number of months required for the current market to absorb the current level of inventory. Another way to understand it is the number of months’ inventory is currently listed for sale. (Typically, an absorption rate under 6 months is considered a seller’s market and over 6 months would represent a buyer’s market.)

AVG Sale Price

The average price at which a home closed (i.e., selling price).

AVG List Price

The average price at which a home was offered for sale (i.e., asking price).

AVG Disc

The difference between the average list price and the average sale price expressed as a percentage of the list price. (e.g., This home sold at a discount of X%.)

SALE % of List

Similar to Average Discount only the inverse. The average sale price divided by the average list price, expressed as a percentage. (e.g., This home sold at X% of the list price.)

PRICE Trends

The price trend for residential sales for the most recent 90 days expressed in an annual appreciation or depreciation rate.

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