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Everybody Must Get Stoned In Trailer For New Season Of ‘High Maintenance’


It sometimes feels like a miracle that there is a television show that airs on HBO that isn’t about dragons or polar bears with armor, that doesn’t remix a comic book classic or star a comedy legend, that isn’t obsessed with the lives of the obscenely wealthy. But for the last couple years, High Maintenance has thrived under-the-radar as one of the most intimate, empathetic programs on TV. It’s a Gothamist favorite, a wide-reaching portrait of living in NYC today that is successful because it is familiar without being rote—as if you set up a camera in your own cramped apartment then passed it to your neighbor.

Today, HBO announced that the show will return for a nine episode fourth season on February 7th at 11 p.m. You can watch the first trailer for it below.

It’s got everything a HM fan would want: The Guy traversing the city on his bike, a fantastic soundtrack (the 1977 song “Native New Yorker” by Odyssey), a Prince impersonator, glimpses of characters new and returning (including Amy Ryan’s director character), and The Guy interacting with a cute dog.

Gothamist visited the set of High Maintenance last season, where co-creator Ben Sinclair (who also plays The Guy) underlined the central thesis of the series in describing one episode: “The whole idea is that New York City sometimes feels like a small town,” Sinclair said. “You see how a lot of people are connected that The Guy delivers to you otherwise didn’t know even knew each other. You see where they all intersect IRL, or in a different space.”

Makeup artist Sarah Graalman, who has been a part of the show since the second round of web episodes, also told us why there is such retention among the crew behind-the-scenes: “It’s what you hope work would feel like,” she said. “All of us are New Yorkers, and who wouldn’t want to work on a show that feels like it’s really us?”

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