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“I moved from Texas three years ago.  I was way too nice at…


“I moved from Texas three years ago.  I was way too nice at first.  I was out here in New York trying to exemplify Christ, and people were taking advantage of me.  I was getting run over.  So I had to get more stern.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m the same nice person, just more firm in my actions. Especially in the work environment.  My first job was working as a recruiter for a retail company.  And one day I’m on the computer, you know, recruiting people, which is my job, when my boss comes in and says: ‘You need to get to the floor, now!’  I was in shock, so I just did what I was told.  But I knew the next time I’d have to say something.  My job was important to me, but respect was even more important. Because if I allowed him to treat me that way, it was just going to happen over and over.  And sure enough it happened again the next week.  I was in the middle of an important task, and he gave me a command.  There was no question mark on the end of the sentence.  There was no use of my name.  So I told him: ‘If you want me to do something, you’ll have to ask me the proper way.’  He was shocked.  He looked at me like: ‘I know you’re not talking to me!’  But then he asked me the proper way.”

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