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New York City Promotes Access to Benefits and Services for Immigrants; iMiMatch Celebrates!


The City of New York is committed to making sure all residents, regardless of immigration status, feel safe seeking essential City services, such as health services, public schools, certain public benefits, emergency services, police protection, and many other services and benefits. The City prohibits its employees from asking about immigration status unless they need the information to determine eligibility for services or benefits, or unless it is required by law. The City requires that immigration status be kept confidential except in limited circumstances when required by law.

In addition, the City of New York does not assist the federal government in enforcing federal immigration law except in limited situations where it is required by law. The key City policy that promotes access to City services for immigrants is Executive Order 41. Under Executive Order 41, all immigrants, including undocumented immigrants, are encouraged to seek the City’s services, benefits, and programs that they are eligible to receive. Also, Executive Order 41 generally requires City employees to protect the confidentiality of a person’s immigration status and other kinds of personal information. Some government benefits and services are available only to people with certain types of immigration status. However, many services, such as public health, safety, and education services are available to immigrants of any status, including undocumented immigrants in the New York City.

Immigrants who live in New York celebrate the city policy for making life better for them. With such good and favorable policy, immigrants feel safe and welcomed in this part of the United States. The same concept applies to immigrants on iMiMatch who are enjoying their new community where they share love and care. And what is more, you could gain that security as you meet other immigrants. Isn’t it a good thing to feel that you belong? Find that community where you get all the love you so desire on iMiMatch. And if you are looking to live a better life in your host country, then connect on iMiMatch.com and start enjoying life together with other immigrants.

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