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Michael Jackson mural defaced on 11th Street


The mural showing two images of Michael Jackson was recently defaced on 11th Street at First Avenue.

Someone wrote “King Pedo” on the King of Pop mural …

Earlier this year, HBO’s two-part documentary, “Leaving Neverland,” featured two former child performers describing how Michael Jackson allegedly sexually abused them while they were children.

Back in March, Eduardo Kobra, the prolific Brazilian artist who created the two Michaels mural in July 2018, said that he had no plans to remove the work in light of the new allegations of pedophilia.

Before and even after his death in 2009, Jackson was the subject of multiple sexual abuse accusations and police investigations as well as civil and criminal lawsuits. His estate continues to deny all allegations.

An EVG reader who spotted the “King Pedo” message was surprised that the mural hadn’t been defaced before.

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