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A holiday shopping event to support Dress Shoppe II on 2nd Avenue


Purushottam Goyal, who along with his wife Saroj have owned and operated Dress Shoppe II on Second Avenue these past 18 years, died on Sept. 12.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, Dec. 11) night from 6-8, there’s a holiday sale at the shop, 82 Second Ave. between Fourth Street and Fifth Street, that specializes in new and vintage clothes from India. The flyer states “Let’s support [Saroj] by shopping for gifts at her beautiful store this holiday season.”

The Goyals, who had been married for nearly 50 years, were the subject of this feature in The New York Times in August 2016…

The owner, Purushottam Goyal, has a weakness for the past, and for nearly four decades he has filled the store with intriguing relics. Amid the tunics, scarves and batik blankets, you can find 100-year-old saris made with silver thread, wooden cowbells, old kerosene lamps and vintage radios. (At home, he has a yellow taxicab from 1929.)

Mr. Goyal was born in Delhi, India, the youngest of 18 children. Before he came to New York, he worked in his parents’ textile shop and, briefly, as a customs official. In 1978, he opened a shop on Broadway. He did not have the money for a sign, he said, so he painted over part of the old one: Smart Dress Shoppe became Dress Shoppe.

In 2001, that building was sold, and the store moved to its present location. Dress Shoppe became Dress Shoppe II.

[Photo from October by Steven]

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