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Seward Park Facelift is Complete


Togo, the sled dog, has new prominence in Seward Park. Photo by Roger Bultot.

The Parks Without Borders $6 million dollar facelift at Seward Park has been completed. The project touts lower fences, a new library stone courtyard, an expanded garden, ampitheatre seating and new fitness equipment – not to mention lower fencing around the entire periphery.  A recent NY1 story offers details, featuring the President of the Seward Park Conservancy, Amy Robinson, who said in the interview, “”It had high fences all around it, and only one gate was open in the last ten or twelve years, and so a lot of people couldn’t even find out how to get into the park…The park is now going to be much more inclusive to everyone in the neighborhood even though before it was incredibly well used.”

Seward Park renovation

With organizing efforts from the Seward Park Conservancy, it is the first of eight showcase projects renovated through Parks without Borders, an initiative that “reimagines the role of parks to make them more accessible and welcoming to everyone.”

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