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Williamsburg was rebuilt by murals as well as Bushwick example I mentioned in previous article. Murals are dotted with compared to Bushwick. There are many fashionable secondhand stores in this area. In this article, I’d like to share my thoughts on art I felt through public art research with photos of murals in Williamsburg.

I used to like to go to museum to see especially famous works painted by Klimt, Renoir, Monet, and other honorable artists. These works are beautiful in all expressions of colors and exquisit touches goes without saying. In short, I used to like the art exhibited in White Cube. I’m interested in art so I go to such places, while people who are not interested in art at all would not go to the museum, and they barely experience art.

I realized my mind toward art had changed while proceeding my research of public art. I found myself attracted to this kind of art.

People can see art in White Cube with the same way no matter where they see it, where the exhibition is held. Thanks to White Cube, people just focus on a work in the frame under the control of temperature and light. Alternatively, public art exists only the place, and the meaning of the public art will change if the art is moved to other places. Art called “public art refers to not the work itself but the work includes the place and the atmosphere where the work was installed. Public art is the very site-specific art — exists in a certain place, which attracted me.

Public art could provide people passing by who have never involved in art with new ideas, encounters, and point of view. It’s not just a decoration of the town. Public art fairly gives people the opportunity to interact with art rather than positioning art just something noble. By experiencing public art, people can get to realize the social problems in the area, something insufficient things in their lives and get the power toward tomorrow. Public art stands the genuine meaning and power of art than art in White Cube, art as aesthetic values.

“DILHAARA ( HEARTLOST ) — An ode for all the refugees” by Pakistan artist Naveen Shakil
Mural by Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra
Mural by an award-winning artist Molly Crabapple
Mural by Oscar Lett
Mural by Ryan McFee

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