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Creating Memorable Experiences

When you take the homebuying and selling process from transactional to experiential, each memorable moment can last a lifetime. Simone has not only found a way to capture those moments for her clients, but she also cheers them on, along the way. Simone Plush is one of the winners of the Relentless Agent Awards and has a knack for capturing memories. Before she made the career change into real estate, Simone worked in admissions, helping others make life-lasting career choices. It was during that time, her compassion to empower others grew and she became an advocate for those she helped ... Read more

Honor with Honesty

When asked “what’s your motto?” Relentless Agent Award winner, Leigh A. Saunders’ response was simple.  “I’m a straight shooter. I honor you with my honesty.” Leigh A. Saunders Her professional background is in the restaurant industry, and Leigh says, she’s learned some key things that have impacted her career in real estate. Her focus, however, isn’t on the numbers. It’s on building relationships with a foundation of honest communication. Leigh is a firm believer that if you focus on the people, everything else will fall into place. This has proven true, in her business, as Leigh has built a proven ... Read more


When a relentless mindset is a part of your DNA, you become a go-getter in everything you do. Make no mistake, Nancy Andreason is as relentless as they come, and she is one of the winners of the Relentless Agent Awards.  At the age of 18, Nancy spent three years in the Philippines, serving on a missions trip. Those years were life changing and she’s taken a lot of what she’s learned into her career in real estate. She described herself as being shy and lacking confidence but, when her missions team was tasked with knocking on doors each day, ... Read more

Serving with Honor

Before he began his career in real estate, Joe Eletto served in the U.S. military and if you ask him, those three years have helped shape the man he’s become today. As a winner of the Relentless Agent Award, Joe says he’s willing to do whatever it takes so clients won’t feel a bump throughout the entire homebuying and selling process. He takes his service seriously, and he says there isn’t much he won’t do to go above and beyond, ensuring his client’s satisfaction. When Joe’s not working on helping a client find a home, you’ll find him actively volunteering ... Read more

A Personal Responsibility

When you believe helping others is a personal responsibility, you won’t stop short of finding ways to lend a hand. Since her childhood, Lori has been known for going out of her way to make a difference. Lori Adams is a winner of the Relentless Agent Awards and when she talks about why she loves real estate, it paints the bigger picture of what makes her relentless. “Real estate is perfect for me because I get to help people achieve one of their lifelong goals.”  Lori Adams Lori’s unique perspective has helped her become known for an out of the ... Read more

Building a Strong Community

When helping clients with the biggest financial decision of their lives, Edna doesn’t just see her role as a real estate agent. Even with her 16 years of experience and a growing list of satisfied clients, there’s something more that gives Edna the drive and passion to give it 121%, day in and day out. Who is Edna Kimble? She’s one of the winners of the Relentless Agent Awards and there’s one thing that’s for certain. She loves her community and she spends a lot of her time serving those who are a part of it. Whether she’s volunteering at ... Read more

6 Tips for Selling Your Home to a Family Member

If you’re thinking of selling your home to a family member, that could be a win-win for all involved. However, you should know there are legal ramifications that go beyond familial (and emotional) attachments. “The sale of a home is a complex business transaction in and of itself,” notes civil rights lawyer George Khoury on “Doing business with family members can be fraught with complications.” Consider these points before embarking on a process that could be unexpectedly taxing. Negotiate payment with a real estate agent. For a flat fee, an agent may make everyone more comfortable by negotiating details ... Read more

Art Highlights of 2019 and What’s Ahead for 2020

From impressive museum expansions to new openings, the art world has captivated us with fresh perspectives and new experiences.  There was Miami’s Rubell Museum, whichreopened and expanded during Art Basel in a brand new location. The new space, designed by Selldorf Architects, occupies 100,000 square feet of space with about 80 percent of the new building accessible to the public. MoMA’s late 2019 opening of its massive expansion was easily one of the most talked-about art events. Designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro and international design firm Gensler, the legendary museum completely rethought the experience of art with an additional 40,000 square ... Read more

3 Tips for Doing Your Due Diligence Right

If you’ve purchased commercial real estate, then you understand the importance of due diligence, a critical stage in the acquisition process. Due diligence is a comprehensive review of the property, from physical condition to title, zoning, permits and environmental status. It also includes a thorough review of the property’s income and expenses. It’s important not to rush due diligence or cut corners during the process. That’s because due diligence is designed to uncover issues with the property, from title defects to zoning problems. By skimping on due diligence, you  may end up with a property that’s not in the condition ... Read more

A midcentury home by a Frank Lloyd Wright acolyte has hit the market in Connecticut

Architect Allan J Gelbin was a colleague of Frank Lloyd Wright, and while his name isn’t quite as well known, his work is worthy of interest – as this five-bedroom home in Connecticut attests. The modernist home is listed via Higgins Private Brokerage/Christie’s International Real Estate for $625,000 and needs a few updates but the best parts of its original design are intact. Photography: Austin Eterno. Via Higgins Private Brokerage / Christie’s International Real Estate That includes its long living and dining room, which is framed by ribbon windows and heated by an open stone fireplace. Glass doors open onto ... Read more