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Automated Enforcement Bill Faces Senate Vote On Thursday – StreetsblogMASS

Real-life RoboCops, armed only with digital cameras to slap bad drivers with light fines, could be coming to the streets of Massachusetts. Senate bill 2553, sponsored by Sen. William Brownsberger (D-Belmont), would allow cities and towns to install automated cameras on streets, intersections, and school buses to enforce traffic laws. A recent amendment to the bill would also allow camera installations to keep cars out of dedicated bus lanes. The bill recently earned an “ought to pass” recommendation from the Senate Committee on Ways and Means, and is scheduled for a vote on the Senate floor this Thursday. It would ... Read more

Let’s modernize Chicago transportation with old-school technology – Streetsblog Chicago

A somewhat shorter version of this piece previously ran in Newcity magazine. As the car-choked transportation systems of big U.S. cities like Chicago become more and more dysfunctional, tech gurus like Elon Musk want the public to believe they can save us through Jetsons-esque new inventions. Usually this new technology would allow people to cling to the luxury of traveling in private automobiles, or at least high-end, low-occupancy vehicles geared towards elites. Some of the ideas Musk has floated include underground car tunnels; autonomous vehicles that would let executives sleep in while they’re chauffeured from suburban McMansions to downtown offices; ... Read more

T4MA Issues ‘Call To Action’ As Advocates Await Transit Funding Bill – StreetsblogMASS

Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA) and 22 of its partner organizations are hosting a “Call to Action” event in the State House next Tuesday as House leaders continue to work on a long-promised transportation funding bill. The “Fix Our Transportation Crisis Call To Action” event will be held on Tuesday, February 25th, 2020 at 10 am (RSVP here). In an email, Chris Dempsey, the Director of Transportation for Massachusetts, said that “we are hearing that we might (finally) have a House bill next week, so the timing is perfect.” The actual content of that rumored bill remain a mystery. Legislators from ... Read more

Getting Cars Off the Road – Streetsblog USA

The Vision Zero strategy provides a crucial blueprint for ending deaths on American roadways. But a prominent transportation researcher is arguing it doesn’t go far enough, because it’s missing a key ingredient: deliberate car reduction. Source: Vision Zero Network. Vision Zero encourages communities to tackle their traffic-violence problems from five strategic angles, also known as the “five pillars of road-safety management.” But although some pillars might naturally result in fewer motor vehicle miles traveled in our cities — more enforcement that results in scofflaw drivers losing their licenses, for example — none of them explicitly advocates for policies designed to ... Read more

Pedestrians Aren’t Even Safe From Car Crashes Inside Buildings – Streetsblog USA

American pedestrians risk dying under the wheels of a car every time they cross an auto-centric street — but if you think walkers are safe from crashes once they step inside a building, think again. Drivers crash their cars into buildings an astonishing 60 times per day on average — crashes that kill as many as 500 people every year, and injure at least 4,000 more, according to research from advocacy group the Storefront Safety Council. And most of these crashes aren’t the result of dramatic police chases or auto-assisted, smash-and-grab robberies; they’re the nearly inevitable side effect of car-dominated cities ... Read more

California Needs More Housing, It Needs to Be Near Transit, and It Must Be Affordable – Streetsblog California

There’s no question that California needs more housing. At the same time, the need to reduce Californians’ reliance on cars–for environmental, climate, public health, and livability reasons–calls for increasing housing near transit and job centers. But that is only half of the equation. People want access to high quality transit and are willing to pay more to live near it, which puts upward pressure on costs in areas already served by good transit. That creates a whole cascade of unwanted effects. Joshua Stark, in TransForm’s blog, TransForum, writes that “higher income people who live near transit don’t use it nearly ... Read more

Ten Miles of Protected Bike Lanes Coming To Manhattan This Year – Streetsblog New York City

The city will finally close the notoriously dangerous gap in the Sixth Avenue bike lane this year, officials said at a Manhattan press conference Wednesday — after years of efforts from cycling and street-safety advocates to make a connected, safe bicycle network in the borough. The Department of Transportation announced its plan to build 10 miles of protected bike lanes in Manhattan — a third of the 30 miles the city promised to install citywide this year as part of the de Blasio administration’s “Green Wave” plan, announced last summer amid a rash of cyclist fatalities. Just last month, two ... Read more

Protected Bike Lanes on the Embarcadero – Streetsblog San Francisco

Note: GJEL Accident Attorneys regularly sponsors coverage on Streetsblog San Francisco and Streetsblog California. Unless noted in the story, GJEL Accident Attorneys is not consulted for the content or editorial direction of the sponsored content. The Embarcadero is San Francisco’s iconic waterfront street. It’s also a three-mile conflict zone that pits maritime, transportation, and leisure uses against each other, explained Dan Hodapp, with the Port of San Francisco. “The goal is for safety in all three roles,” he added at a SPUR talk this afternoon about the ongoing “Embarcadero Enhancement Project,” which will ultimately bring a two-way protected bike path to the ... Read more

Chicago Has a New Way to Stop Drivers Who Misuse Bus and Bike Lanes – Streetsblog USA

Editor’s note: How many times have you seen drivers decide that the bike or bus lane would be the perfect place to idle in their cars — even if it forces cyclists out into dangerous traffic, or slows down what’s supposed to be a rapid bus route? Chicago has a great idea to stop that — and Streetsblog Chicago wrote a great piece exploring the nuances of how to deputize parking aides to help. If you think your city should try the same thing, share this article with your local leaders.  According to the Sun-Times, as it stands a driver ... Read more

‘Safest Driver’ Data Reveal Where Boston’s Most Dangerous Driving Is – StreetsblogMASS

Data collected from a city-sponsored safe driving competition reveal that Boston’s notoriously bad drivers are at their worst behavior on major high-speed state roadways that lie outside of the city’s direct control. In 2019, the City of Boston’s Office of New Urban Mechanics re-launched its “Boston’s Safest Driver” contest, an app-based competition that challenged travelers to obey speed limits and avoid distracted driving. Using its users’ phone sensors, the app could detect vehicle speeds and sudden phone movements that were likely associated with harsh braking incidents or distracted driving incidents. In addition to encouraging its users to avoid those behaviors, ... Read more