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Darren Aronofsky answers our mother! burning questions

When was the last time a movie had so many people riled up like this weekend’s mother!? Darren Aronofsky’s latest — staring Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer — has divided critics and audiences into pretty extreme love it or loathe it camps. (This is also true in the Entertainment Weekly offices, where opinions were sharply split.) The film begins as a chamber story about a marriage between a young woman (Lawrence) and a creatively blocked poet (Bardem). Then there’s a knock on the door. Two strangers arrive and before you know it, the film unspools into something ... Read more

Paul Bettany Wraps Filming on the Han Solo Movie

Ron Howard teases a Han Solo role for Paul Bettany On September 1st, director Ron Howard revealed that Paul Bettany (Avengers: Age of Ultron) has a role in Lucasfilm‘s upcoming Han Solo movie, and now Howard has posted another great photo from the set with the message that Bettany has wrapped filming. Who do you think Bettany might be playing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Had to say goodbye to my friend @Paul_Bettany today. Another terrific performance from a world class talent. — Ron Howard (@RealRonHoward) September 16, 2017 The untitled Han Solo film features Hail, Caesar‘s Alden Ehrenreich ... Read more

Dante, Garris, Rourke and More Unleash Nightmare Cinema

  Nightmare Cinema: Horror titans unite for new anthology shocker The longtime pet project of iconic producer/director Mick Garris, horror anthology Nightmare Cinema is about to be unleashed. Garris and four equally acclaimed genre directors have teamed up producers Mark Canton and Courtney Solomon, and their Independent Production Studio Cinelou Films, along with Scott Donley’s Good Deed Entertainment for the highly anticipated feature, a collection of five short horrors which all share a common thread created by some of the genre’s best directors. Nightmare Cinema endeavors to provide a new generation of horror fans with their own anthology. Hearkening back to Garris’ own ... Read more

Amber Tamblyn pens poignant op-ed about James Wood 'culture'

Amber Tamblyn is “done with not being believed.” In the aftermath of her claims against James Woods, the actress wrote an affecting piece in The New York Times attacking the culture that attempts to make liars out of women who come forward about harassment and assault. “This is less about what just happened with Woods and more about Woods Culture and how we can end it,” she prefaced on Twitter. This is less about what just happened with Woods and more about Woods Culture and how we can end it. — Amber Tamblyn (@ambertamblyn) September 16, 2017 Tamblyn began ... Read more

CNN denies Clay Travis was invited back after sexist comments

UPDATE: After claiming to have a voicemail from CNN inviting him back on the network, Clay Travis played a message from a Los Angeles CNN staffer on his Outkick the Coverage show on Saturday. The voicemail pertains to Travis’ previous appearance with Carol Costello on HLN — not Brooke Baldwin. This aligns with CNN’s initial statement on the matter, which stated he was “tentatively scheduled” to appear on its sister network for an interview that is now canceled. In the clip posted to social media, Travis does not specify whether the message was delivered before or after his interview with Baldwin. However, a source ... Read more

The Walking Dead: Melissa McBride on Carol's 'call to duty' in season 8

Entertainment Weekly will be revealing our latest The Walking Dead covers on Wednesday, Sept. 20. To lead up to the unveiling, we are posting a TWD news item every day. Carol has left the cabin. And that is good news for the unified forces taking on Negan, as well as viewers ready to watch the fan favorite kick ass and take names when The Walking Dead returns on Oct. 22. It was a season of solitude for Melissa McBride last year as she was separated from her fellow actors while Carol quarantined herself to deal with her Morgan-influenced aversion to ... Read more

Narcos location scout found dead in Mexico

Carlos Muñoz Portal, a veteran location manager working on Netflix’s Narcos, was found dead in Mexico while scouting for season 4. He was 37. “We are aware of the passing of Carlos Muñoz Portal, a well-respected location scout, and send our condolences to his family,” a statement from Netflix reads. “The facts surrounding his death are still unknown as authorities continue to investigate.” The news of Muñoz’s death was first reported by local area reporters and outlets before getting picked up by trade publications, like The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. A friend of Muñoz told El Pais he was scouting in ... Read more

Darren Aronofsky wanted Joaquin Phoenix for his unmade Batman movie

Imagine this: after the George Clooney-led Batman & Robin in 1997 took a dark turn for Warner Bros. (too dark for The Dark Knight to weather), the studio brought on filmmaker Darren Aronofsky to make a new future for the Caped Crusader with Joaquin Phoenix as Batman. Of course, none of that actually happened, but it could have if the WB took to his movie concept. During the press tour for his new film mother!, Aronofsky revealed the Her and Inherent Vice actor was his pick to lead the Batman movie that never came to fruition. “I always wanted Joaquin ... Read more

Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen rock to 'I Saw Her Standing There'

Paul McCartney welcomed Bruce Springsteen to the stage at Madison Square Garden to give a proper performance of The Beatles hit “I Saw Her Standing There.” This time, no one killed the vibe. “The last time we played together was in London’s Hyde Park and they pulled the plug,” McCartney told the audience on Friday night. He was referring to Springsteen’s concert with the E Street Band in 2012. McCartney joined them to sing “I Saw Her Standing There” and “Twist and Shout” before promoters quite literally pulled the plug in light of the venue’s strict 10:30 p.m. curfew on ... Read more

Benedict Cumberbatch delivers power ballad about mashed potatoes for Jimmy Fallon

Benedict Cumberbatch can make just about anything sound alluring, as shown when he sang about mashed potatoes during one of Jimmy Fallon‘s Tonight Show games. Chris Pratt, Melissa McCarthy, and Bryan Cranston have all played a variation of Sentence Sneak, a game where you try to slip words or phrases into a casual conversation, but Fallon suggested the Doctor Strange star sing his final sentence. “It was late, I was cooking, and everything was going fine,” he began. We already know Cumberbatch can sing from his performance of “Comfortably Numb” with David Gilmour. Fallon was impressed, but not as impressed as he ... Read more