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When Lenny Bruce hit the stage at Carnegie Hall

Fifty-nine years ago in February 1961, thousands of avid fans trudged through 20 inches of snow to Carnegie Hall to see comedian Lenny Bruce—in a show that was recorded and released in a three-record set, The Carnegie Hall Concert. This famous show, “was the moment that an obscure yet rapidly rising young comedian named Lenny Bruce chose to give one of the greatest performances of his career….The performance contained in this album is that of a child of the jazz age,” wrote Albert Goldman in the subsequent LP’s liner notes. The Carnegie Hall concert was one of this Long Island ... Read more

Weekend Reading | 2.22.20

Happy Weekend! This week was def a bit of a doozy for me – I haven’t left the house much as I got really sick on Tuesday and didn’t start to feel better until late Thursday afternoon! Something bad has definitely been going around…. everyone I know has been sick at some point over the past few weeks. The best part of being sick (ha – we’re looking on the bright side) has been all of the TV watching I have gotten up to. I posted to Instagram asking for TV recommendations and got SO MANY from you all. I ... Read more

A Cozy New Sweater and a Great Cause!

sweater // tee // jeans // heels I love a cozy stripe and I am obsessed with the details on this sweater. It’s a little bit sporty but still polished –  you could wear it to a more casual work environment as I have here, or layer it on over something more casual post-yoga or on the plane. But what I am maybe even more obsessed with is how Talbots partners with O, The Oprah Magazine every year on a collection to benefit Dress for Success. This is their 5th year doing this, and the brand donates 30% of the net ... Read more

Milk Sunshine Skin Tint Review!

If you’re a regular reader you know that I take my product reviews very (very!) seriously. I spend a lot of time playing with things, testing them, layering them with other products, and so on and so forth. Any product has to be a home run to share it here. I try to keep an open mind and try everything, whether it’s a random Amazon find, something from the drugstore, or something more high end. But sometimes I judge a product by it’s cover (packaging) and that was definitely the case with Milk Makeup. The packaging looks… a bit like ... Read more

Catch up on Ramy

Last week, I had dinner with a new friend who recommended that I watch Ramy, the critically-acclaimed Hulu show created by comedian Ramy Youssef. Youssef won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of a twenty-something observant Muslim who lives with his immigrant parents in northern New Jersey and is struggling with identity issues and the transition to adulthood. So, I went home that night, fired up the first episode, and watched the whole first season in less than two days. I just loved it — it’s one of the truest depictions I’ve seen of that time in one’s life when ... Read more

Nine of My Favorite Wines.

Whenever I do a Q&A I get asked about my favorite wines, so I thought it would be fun to do a quick little list today. I am in no means a wine expert. I do think I have decent taste in wine (I grew up in a restaurant and my dad IS an actual real wine expert so I think a little of that rubbed off on me from constantly being around nice wine. I rarely drink white wine. I’m just more of a red wine girl. When I do drink white (it is nice in the afternoon and ... Read more

Everything I Wore Last Week: 2.8 – 2.14.

Hope you had a great long weekend! Mine was nice – productive but also really fun too. I went to The Fulton for dinner on Friday night, and then on Saturday night Becca and I checked out Le Crocodile at the Wythe Hotel. In between: yoga, lots of work, and just general life admin. I got my closet area redone yesterday (you can see more on Instagram… I hired New York Closets to do it based on your recs in the secret Facebook group). This was really exciting as having shelving above my hanging items is a real game-changer… as ... Read more

Fight for your right…to repair anything

The repair movement is catching up with reuse and recycling as a way to deal with our stuff. Photo by Maxim Selyuk on Unsplash Do a quick online search for the “R’s of Sustainability” and you’ll find up to 14 terms. Beyond the ones we know by heart—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—the word that’s gaining the most traction on both the grassroots and legislative level is “Repair.”  For many of our household items, only the companies that create them have the right to repair them, often contributing to our throw-away culture rather than promoting reuse and repair. To rectify this, a Right ... Read more

The elegant carriage houses of East 66th Street

Wherever rich New Yorkers built their homes in the 19th century, they also built private stables for their expensive horses and carriages—with upstairs living quarters for a coachman or groom. So when Upper Fifth Avenue along Central Park became the city’s new Millionaire Mile during the Gilded Age, certain Upper East Side blocks to the east of Park Avenue were turned into unofficial stable rows. East 66th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues is one of these former stable rows, with three spectacular restored carriage houses surviving today. The twin beauties at 110 and 112 East 66th Street (at top ... Read more

Old subway sign beauty on a 23rd Street platform

You won’t notice them as you descend the grimy stairs into the 23rd Street station. But once you’re on the platform waiting for your R or W train, the uniqueness of the individual tiles and swirly typeface hits you. These are the original mosaic tile bands and tablets added to platform walls when this station opened in 1918, per What is it about the tiles themselves, as well as the curlicue numbers and serif lettering, that are so much more magical than the helvetica signage used in many stations today? They turn an otherwise drab local station beneath Broadway into ... Read more