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BBC viewers hit out at ‘boring’ Benedict Cumberbatch drama ‘The Child In Time’

“What a crock of shit” Benedict Cumberbatch BBC viewers have hit out at new drama ‘The Child In Time’, describing the feature-length adaptation of Ian McEwan’s novel as ‘terrible’. The one-off drama, which starred Benedict Cumberbatch, was slammed as “dire”, with some left ruing their choice to watch the 90-minute adaptation. “Feel like I just wasted an hour and a half of my life watching a child in time, BBC what a crock of shit”, one viewer wrote. Another said: “I couldn’t wait for ‘the child in time’ tonight and it was absolutely terrible. Storyline made no sense whatsoever – ... Read more

The Pittsburgh Steelers Did NOT Come Out For The National Anthem Today In Response To Donald Trump

Wow — a very strong and explicit statement by the NFL‘s Pittsburgh Steelers today!!! The team opted NOT to come out for the National Anthem, a very specific non-violent protest response to Donald Trump‘s inappropriate comments yesterday about sports stars taking a knee during the Anthem before games. Related: Athletes Are Making Trump Look Like A Fuckin’ Idiot We sort of knew some type of major protests were coming today after Trump’s insane and inappropriate comments over the past few days, but this one was particularly poignant and we’re proud of the Steelers for exercising their Constitutional rights to protest ... Read more

Luke Bryan Likely To Take The Second American Idol Judge Seat… But No Deal Has Been Signed YET!

The deal is not officially done yet, but it’s as close as can be: Luke Bryan is almost a sure-thing to be the second judge on the upcoming re-boot of American Idol!! The country singer hasn’t signed his contract yet, and so entertainment sources don’t want to come forward and confirm anything, but according to TMZ the deal is as close as it can be, and the star should sign in the coming days. Related: Is Katy Perry Planning On Being The Next Simon Cowell?? According to reports, even tough the details of the contract and his payment/perks haven’t come ... Read more

Stevie Wonder takes a knee on stage at Global Citizen festival to show solidarity with NFL players

Donald Trump declared players who take a knee to protest police brutality during the national anthem should be fired. Stevie Wonder at Global Citizen festival 2017 Stevie Wonder showed solidarity with NFL players last night (September 23) by getting down on his knees on stage at Global Citizen festival. The move followed Donald Trump’s criticism of NFL and NBA players who kneel, sir or raise their fists during the national anthem, to protest against police brutality. Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick was the first player to take a knee during the anthem, during the 2016-17 season, and his contract with the ... Read more

Audrina Patridge Meets Estranged Husband Corey Bohan To Drop Off Daughter During Divorce Drama

No doubt a tough morning for Audrina Patridge… The Hills alum met up face-to-face with soon-to-be-ex-husband Corey Bohan in Orange County to drop off their 1-year-old daughter for a visit with dad, just days after filing for divorce and claiming some very serious allegations of domestic abuse. Related: Corey Bohan Is Now Under Criminal Investigation! The reality TV star showed up to a neutral, public location in The O.C. a few minutes after Corey did, bringing with her one year old Kirra so the little girl could spend the day with dad. A friend also accompanied Audrina, and things went ... Read more

J. Cole calls for NFL boycott

“if a boycott doesn’t force them to action, don’t even trip. This is where the real flex happens” “Rest in Peace to Michael Brown and to every young black man murdered in America, whether by the hands of white or black,” wrote J Cole when he released ‘Be Free’ on Soundcloud. “I pray that one day the world will be filled with peace and rid of injustice. Only then will we all Be Free.” The track samples an eyewitness in the murder of Brown while a defiant Cole insists: “There ain’t no gun they make that can kill my soul”. ... Read more

Holy Fuck — Donald Trump Just Flipped Off Live Television In An Interview About The National Anthem

This is so brazen, it’s actually fucking AMAZING. Donald Trump was giving MSNBC an interview on live TV on Sunday afternoon when — in the middle of talking about how disappointed he was with the NFL for its players kneeling during the National Anthem — his stubby little middle finger popped up on screen. Unreal. Related: Stevie Wonder, Far More Than Trump, Is A Patriot Here are the specifics: Trump was responding to a question about New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft; a large portion of Kraft’s Patriots team chose to kneel down for the National Anthem at their game ... Read more

Liam Payne announces second solo single ‘Bedroom Floor’

It’s coming next month Liam Payne Former One Direction star Liam Payne has announced his second solo single, titled ‘Bedroom Floor’. The track follows debut single ‘Strip That Down’, which features Migos‘ Quavo. The singer is the latest member of the currently on-hiatus pop group to branch into solo territory, following similar moves by Niall Horan and Harry Styles this year. ‘Bedroom Floor’ is set for an October 20 release, Payne confirmed via Twitter yesterday (September 23) – the same day that Niall Horan will release his debut solo album, ‘Flicker’. Yep! My new single #BedroomFloor comes out on the 20th October! ⏳ — ... Read more

Stevie Wonder Shows Solidarity With NFL Stars, Takes A Knee In Concert To Protest Donald Trump!

So inspiring!!! Let’s make it a trend!!! Stevie Wonder performed yesterday at the 2017 Global Citizen Festival in New York’s Central Park, and in doing so he decided to take a stand — and a knee — to protest Donald Trump and the divisiveness our President has brought to this country!!! Related: Watch JAY-Z Stand Up To Trump! The legendary performer took to his knees in explicit response to Trump’s Friday night “sons of bitches” comment about NFL players who have been kneeling for the National Anthem… and in doing so, Wonder made a powerful statement of his own!! Watch ... Read more

Liam Gallagher hits out at Noel’s ‘psychedelic’ music: “Like a vegetarian trying to sell you a kebab”

“It takes more than wheeling out your old mate uri geller and har mar superstar to make a so called out there record” Liam and Noel Gallagher are releasing their solo albums very close together Liam Gallagher has seemingly hit out at his brother Noel Gallagher once more, slating his ‘psychedelic music’ and branding him a ‘snoozer’. Taking to Twitter this evening (September 24), Liam slammed “beige drip” Noel, referring to his “psychedelic music” as “like a vegetarian trying to sell you a kebab.” Information on Noel Gallagher’s new album is rumoured to be emerging tomorrow, prompting many fans to ... Read more