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How to Bargain in Foreign Countries

The other day I received an email from a reader asking me to confirm the proper way to bargain in foreign countries. The ‘proper way’ that was mentioned is something that I’ve heard from travelers all the time. It’s the 50% rule. And to me, the rule is wrong. Bargaining is indeed a part of travel. And with more people traveling than ever before, questions about bargaining are on the rise. In many countries, when you buy certain items, there are often no set prices. It’s just how it works. As a result, travelers all over the world spend time ... Read more

Travel Clothes Perfected With Aviator Jeans

It’s not a secret. I’m just not a fan of ‘travel clothes’. After 19 years of traveling the world, I don’t understand the concept. Fast-drying clothes? That sounds good but I don’t need clothes that dry in 27 seconds. Regular drying time works for me. Convertible pants/shorts? Wonderful! However, I don’t think I’ve ever felt a need to switch between the two in the middle of a day, ever. Am I weird? Super special material? I get it. Different materials have different benefits. Sure, some materials keep you cooler, some keep you warmer. Some are known for their otherworldly softness ... Read more

A Great Morocco Road Trip: My Favorite Itinerary and Car Rental Tips

  Let’s hit the road in this North African country and see what we can cover on a 2-3 week Morocco road trip. While you might be turned off by the idea of driving around Morocco, the combination of relatively good roads, a quiet countryside and friendly people make this an option for those who don’t mind getting behind the wheel of a reliable rental car.   A Guide to Renting a Car in Morocco First up…should you book a car for your Moroccan road trip online or find one when you arrive? The answer in my opinion is to ... Read more

Spanish Residency Card (TIE): All You Need to Know

As mentioned before, the process to gather all of my documents and to apply for my Spanish non-lucrative visa was actually MUCH smoother and quicker than I anticipated. I got all my paperwork ready in one week and my visa was approved in only 10 days. You can read my detailed instructions on how to apply for the Spanish non-lucrative visa here: Non Lucrative Visa for Spain: How I Applied in Just 1 Week However, once the non-lucrative visa has been issued, that’s only the first step. You must complete the next steps once you arrive in Spain in order ... Read more

How to Obtain a Visa to Travel to Kenya?

 When preparing for a trip to Kenya, you will almost certainly need a visa. Different requirements exist for different countries, although there are some general requirements that apply to everyone. Therefore, you should always check exactly what you need to do before your trip, so there are no last-minute issues. Here is everything you need to know about obtaining a visa for Kenya:  
 What travel visas exist 
There are two common ways to obtain a visa to travel to Kenya. The first method is the traditional one, which involves applying for a visa upon arrival at the airport. ... Read more

An Interview with Nomadic Matt: Ten Years A Nomad

  If you read travel blogs, you’ve almost certainly come across Nomadic Matt at some point. He’s another member of the original travel blogger gang, having started, just like I did, well before there were millions of blogs out there. Recently, Matt published a new book, Ten Years A Nomad. So I decided to ask him some questions in order to get a better understanding of his own life of travel and why his book is worth reading. Here we go…   If someone has read your blog, what will they learn from Ten Years A Nomad that they haven’t ... Read more

20 Years of Travel: A Travel Lesson I Shall Never Forget

  Twenty years. On this coming Christmas Day, it will really be 20 years. It was December 25th, 1999 when I boarded a flight from the US to Bangkok and, without knowing it at the time, began my life of travel. Two crazy decades ago. Two unbelievable decades. I still have an extremely difficult time believing everything I’ve experienced in every corner of the world over those past 7,300 days. I have a difficult time simply coming to terms with how my life has played out so far. It’s turned into something that I could never have anticipated no matter ... Read more

Prevent People From Snooping Your Screen With A Laptop Privacy Filter

I use a privacy filter on all my screens so when 3M got in touch for this sponsored partnership it was a good opportunity to share the benefits with you. This is a sponsored post written by me and sponsored by 3M. We’ve all had the experience of people looking over our shoulder on the metro, bus, or planes, curious to see what we’re looking at on our phones. With smaller devices it’s easy to turn a shoulder but for laptops, keeping your screen private is more difficult, especially when traveling. There are a lot of good reasons to keep ... Read more

How To Get Rewarded For Every Mode of Transportation You Use

Whether we’re on a long-term trip overseas, enduring a busy work week or embarking on a weekend adventure, a lot of time is spent traveling between the places we visit. Although the actual ‘travel’ part of traveling can be a positive experience at times, it can also be extremely exhausting. But, what if you could get rewarded for your travels, no matter what mode of transportation you use? Sure, it sounds like a bit of gimmick, however, it’s actually quite real. There is indeed a way to earn travel rewards for sitting in traffic, taking the subway, biking or even ... Read more

1 Day Itinerary: What To Do in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming was the last experience on our one year USA road trip. I wish it wasn’t, because by this stage of our long trip I was really at the I couldn’t be bothered stage, and the Grand Tetons is a place that requires a whole lot of bother. Overlooking Jenny Lake. One of the best things to do in Grand Teton National Park But don’t worry majestic mountains rising sharply out of the valley floor, we will be back for a longer visit because even though I couldn’t be bothered, I was totally and completely ... Read more