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For artists of the Black Arts Movement, screenprints and posters…

For artists of the Black Arts Movement, screenprints and posters became a primary medium for creative experimentation and sharing political ideas. Displaying a diverse aesthetic vocabulary, this wall pf prints and posters samples the activist history of printmaking in this period—a rich and complex collection of creative voices. The AfriCOBRA (African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists) collective had clear objectives, outlined in its manifesto, which included developing a new, identifiable African American aesthetic using images and subjects inspired by African people; promoting pride in African American Identity; and committing to a social responsible and community-oriented art. In order to fulfill ... Read more

How do we understand the idea of art? How do we understand the…

How do we understand the idea of art? How do we understand the concept of social justice? What does Art Education do? These were some of the questions explored by school administrators, arts educators, teachers, parents, youth, and community organizers gathered on March 24th at the Brooklyn Museum’s Arts as Social Justice Roundtable. Through group discussion, image reflection, and sharing personal stories, participants investigated the intersection of the Arts and Social Justice and the pedagogical implications of this relationship.After sharing some of the issues most impacting their communities, participants broke into smaller groups where they  raised a host of other questions including, ... Read more

White Flag

Jasper Johns Artist: Jasper Johns (American, born Augusta, Georgia, 1930) Date: 1955Medium: Encaustic, oil, newsprint, and charcoal on canvasDimensions: 78 5/16 x 120 3/4 in. (198.9 x 306.7 cm)Classification: PaintingsCredit Line: Purchase, Lila Acheson Wallace, Reba and Dave Williams, Stephen and Nan Swid, Roy R. and Marie S. Neuberger Foundation Inc., Louis and Bessie Adler Foundation Inc., Paula Cussi, Maria-Gaetana Matisse, The Barnett Newman Foundation, Jane and Robert Carroll, Eliot and Wilson Nolen, Mr. and Mrs. Derald H. Ruttenberg, Ruth and Seymour Klein Foundation Inc., Andrew N. Schiff, The Cowles Charitable Trust, The Merrill G. and Emita E. Hastings Foundation, ... Read more

“Creative Mischief” Exhibition

“Creative Mischief” Exhibition at National Academy Media: Painting – Drawing – Photography – Sculpture – Installation – Video installation (2017-05-18 – 2017-06-13)Opening Reception on 2017-05-18 from 18:00 to 21:00 The National Academy Museum & School is pleased to announce the opening of the 6th annual exhibition Creative Mischief. Conceived and curated by Maurizio Pellegrin, National Academy School Dean, in 2012, Creative Mischief began as a one-day exhibition. It has evolved into a month-long exhibition featuring a diverse roster of National Academicians, faculty members, and emerging artists and students who are honing their talents at the Academy. Little Mischief, a week-long ... Read more

A Handy Guide To Death By Masturbation

Common side effects include paleness, pimples and paralysis. Here’s the truth of hands in the pants: It doesn’t just make you go blind — it kills you dead. Or so preacheth the author of the 1830’s tract “Le Livre Sans Titre” (The Book With No Title), another installment in that era’s relentless puritanical assault on the joys of self-abuse. What sets this one apart is that it came illustrated. “He became corrupted! Soon his crime makes him old before his time. His back becomes hunched.’|Jim Edmonson/’Le Livre Sans Titre’ Now I’m not one to dismiss the five-finger tango out of hand — as Fred Scrooge ... Read more

Framed Perspective, Marcos Mateu-Mestre

Just to put things in… context, the history of graphical perspective goes back further, but the system of geometric perspective we use today can be traced to an important point in the beginning of the 15th century, when Filippo Brunelleschi — the brilliant Renaissance architect and designer who solved the seemingly intractable problem of spanning the world’s largest cathedral dome space with an ingenious solution — codified a system of graphical persepctive that was immediately adopted by almost every artist who was made aware of it, and most artists since. Like his solution for the dome of the Florence cathedral, ... Read more