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The New York Fantasy – Keisha Cake

I was raised in Staten Island, New York; not too far from Manhattan. I was lucky to have exposure to the greatest city in the world (is that an opinion or a fact? I don’t even know anymore).I remember when I was in high school I had many…

fantasy fullness – Chris – Medium

fantasy fullness - Chris - MediumNew YorkFor every lovely thing said about this city, an equally disparaging thing has been said, and very often by the same person.One hand in the air for the big city. Street lights, big dreams, all…

Summer Comedy, Burlesque Fantasy, and More

WEDNESDAY (image via U Up? / Facebook)U Up?Wednesday, July 10 at The Corners, 8:30 pm: FREE While I want to say I haven’t sent a “u up” text, a brief moment of rumination on my college days makes me think that is probably…

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