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Recognize Housing as a Human Right

By Ivette Alfonso, President, Citizen Action of New York, and Rebecca Garrard, Statewide Housing Organizer, Citizen Action of New YorkLast week, four homeless New Yorkers were brutally beaten and murdered in New York City while they…

Indomitable Human Spirit – Jennifer M Koskinen

I think of symmetry again looking at this photo today, but its’ a different kind. Actually, it’s the asymmetry. I see now, in that darkness creeping from the left, that there were foreshadows even then of a world out of balance. And how…

Andrew Luck: A Human Story – Nigel Gordon

Andrew Luck via New York TimesI was listening to a recent episode of Bill Simmons’ latest podcast, and he was lamenting the impending media/internet shit storm over the sudden and shocking Andrew Luck retirement. Boy, was he right.…

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