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Weekend Reading | 11.16.19

happy weekend! I will be honest, this week definitely kicked my butt! I have a cold and work was a bit chaotic, and I also had several events where I had to be “on.” This isn’t a complaint as I got to do a lot of cool…

Weekend Reading | 11.9.19.

Happy weekend! I am back in New York and feeling a little bittersweet – our live show tour is over with! It’s a good thing as I’m pretty tired but I’m of course a little sad because the shows were so much fun. We…

Weekend Reading | 11.2.19.

Happy weekend! I slacked a little and this post is going up late (SORRY!) Things got a little hectic before Friday’s big show and then I had a baby shower for most of yesterday. Oops. So here we are, Sunday afternoon and I’m…

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